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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey all. Sorry. Suuper Long never post le. Anyway, i made some changes to the blog. like name, people in the class and ETC. (:
SO feel free to blog anything eu like but follow the rules wors! TYTY
IF eu guys want to post anything feel free to tell. (:

Hais, I dont think any TWOHOPE people will still come here but still.. Must UPDATE! Anyway, Alot of things happen during this period time and now. EOY IS COMING!
Hope all is ready.
I dont want anyone to retain. All must go to TT or Express hors. Dont aim for NA!
Just to say say.
EOY first paper is tomorrow and is English Paper 1 & 2. Wish all of TWOHOPE people the best!

Once again, Sorry and Byes! XDD